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Business as Mission Resource Team


Our Vision


To release the power of business to transform people, communities and nations for the glory of God.

To achieve that we




                                                  for business as mission


Our Team


The Business as Mission Resource Team was founded 2001 in response to the increasing interest in the business as mission movement globally.  The team started with a mandate from Global Leadership of Youth With A Mission to lead a consultation process on business as mission for our organisation.  We quickly developed into a team that would develop resources and training, not only for YWAM, but the growing number of individuals, companies, churches, organisations and networks interested in business as mission.  Our aim is to serve the business as mission movement broadly.


Our Website


We have developed our website to provide help and resources for:


  • those exploring business as mission and doing research
  • those looking to take the next step to get training or find opportunities
  • those practicing business as mission who want to connect and learn from others

We invite you to browse our site to find great business as mission resources and connect with business as mission opportunities.


Our Organisation


The Business as Mission Resource Team is an international ministry of YWAM (Youth With A Mission). We support YWAM staff and leaders in the area of business as mission and we are also dedicated to serve and partner with those outside our own organisation.  YWAM has many strengths in the areas of training, mobilising and pioneering - we value doing new things in new ways and helping people take steps into mission.  As a Resource Team, we want to support and serve the Christian business community as they take their essential place of leadership in the business as mission movement and in the work of completing the Great Commission. 


YWAM is one of the largest mission agencies in the world with over 17,000 staff in 1100 locations in almost every country. We also train and send over 30,000 short termers and students each year. Our passion is to know God and make him known - throughout the whole world, and into every arena of society.



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